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In the list of the world’s most expensive phones Apple iPhone 14 pro max, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra come at the top. But are these the most expensive phones in today’s world? What if I tell you that the costliest phones at the present day are not any of the latest models of the dominating smartphone brands like Apple or Samsung? 

In the era of unstoppable advancement of technology, luxury has no boundaries. Even though smartphones are an integral part of our modern-day lives, some go beyond valuation presenting themselves as a unique piece of art with cutting-edge features and exclusive materials. Let me introduce you to the world’s most expensive phones that redefine luxury and aristocracy.

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition designed by luxury designer Falcon tops the list. Worth 48.5 million USD, this exceptional piece of beauty is adorned with an 18-carat pink diamond making it classy and prestigious. This 2014 Apple product shows the mindblowing combination of technology and jewelry artistry.

2. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

Another iPhone model with the collaboration of Stuart Hughes costs around $8 million. This thing is made from solid rose gold and the logo of Apple is finely ornamented with 53 diamonds. Only two pieces of this phone were ever made for the respective owners.

3. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Made from a 200-year-old African blackwood. This masterpiece has a price of $1 million because of its exclusivity and a fine finish of 18-carat gold. It also features a keypad crafted from sapphire crystal. Only three of its kind make the thing more distinguished and desirable.

4. Goldvish Le Million

Yet another 1 million dollar phone in the list of most expensive phones in the world is Goldvish Le Million designed by the luxury brand Goldvish itself. The phone, consisting of 18 carats of white gold and 120 carats of diamond, was named in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive and most exclusive phone in the world. This limited edition series only has manufactured three units to date.

5. Goldvish Revolution

Again in the list comes a Goldvish phone with a staggering price of $488,150. It is constructed with diamonds, white and pink gold, and leather. Two extraordinary features make it different: one is its shape which is unique to others and the other one is the presence of a detatchable analog watch.

6.Vertu Signature Cobra

This keypad phone with a striking design embellished with diamonds and two-carat emeralds is valued at $310,000. This old-school small phone has only eight units in the world. What makes it more different from others is the 439 pieces of rubies and the absence of Wi-Fi and GPS. This Signature Cobra is more appealing to those who like more privacy with some fine art.

7. Black Diamond VIPN Smaertphone

The black diamond VIPN smartphone is valued at $300,000. This solid gold-crafted thing is also adorned with diamonds. The design of the device pushes the boundaries of traditional smartphone aesthetics. People who are fond of luxury will appreciate the product.

8. iPhone 12 Pro Max Solid Gold Edition by Caviar

This device is a symbol of the opulence and extravagance of modern smartphones. One of this limited series of 99 units costs around $23,380. The phone is customized with 18-carat solid gold and its back panel features an intricate relief of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft.

9. Sirin Solarin

The Sirin Solarin ranks among the world’s most expensive phones mainly due to its military-grade security with seamless integration of cutting-edge technology. It has a price of $16,500. This phone symbolizes the fact that luxury could go beyond appearances.

10. Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design

When a giant technology brand like Huawei and a luxury car brand like Porche collaborate masterpiece like Mate RS is born. It is valued at $1,700. The phone brings together the best of both worlds- a Leica triple camera system that captures moments with precision and a sleek design that echoes the elegance and performance associated with Porsche vehicles. The device is a testament to aesthetics and functionality.


In conclusion, the most expensive phones in the world represent the creativity and innovation of intelligent minds. The devices are not found in your local retail shop. Phones of these kinds are made by the companies for individuals to show their status and the exclusivity of the company. People who love to invest in technology and appreciate the finer things in life gift themselves such precious devices.

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