GMC Acadia Years To Avoid

As soon as the SUV and GMC Acadia crossover was announced, it made highlights. The partnership together made many fascinating cars that debuted in 2007, and they make new launches almost every year. A vast sales record in the US indicated sales of almost 13 lakh GMC Acadia cars.

Over time, the car registered some problems, which took gmc acadia years to avoid. The issues included engine failure, malfunctioning conditioner, leaky oil box, and gearbox failure in some GMC Acadia models. So let’s discuss GMC Acadia details issues and learn about the best model for purchase.

What Are The Reasons To Avoid GMC Acadia?

With the passing years, many malfunctions, transmission failures, and other problems developed in GMC Acadia. According to the sources, the 2008 year model was declared the worst because of its high repair cost. Over one-third complained about the 2008 model and declared it the worst Acadia ever. 

Once, a complaint against Acadia that its engine light came on suddenly, and the motor zinged. The car was in the middle of the road and could not limit off the highway. Fortunately, nothing severe happened, but this was a significant concern for buyers and became a matter of discussion. Several people were facing the same issue with the Acadia.

Getting a car fixed requires almost $3,000 to $10,000, which is a high amount. The fixing doesn’t even guarantee that there will be no further issues in the future. Out of many reasons for gmc acadia years to avoid, engine issues became the primary concern, which had cover leaks, oil leaks, and sensor malfunctioning.

What Are The Reasons For Avoiding The GMC Acadia 2008 Model?

All the cars launched in the first generation faced various problems, but the 2008 model mainly brought difficulties for the buyers. Despite moderate use of the new vehicle, the automatic working of the car had issues. Everyone opts for longevity when choosing which car to purchase, which GMC of 2008 failed.

After running 75,000 miles, the 2008 Acadia model showed major, sometimes unsolved, transmission problems. The overall repair cost is $4,000, which is a lot to spend for a new car repair. The car requires regular maintenance for every 30,000 miles for a general vehicle, but a complete breakdown of 100,000 miles was observed in the model year.

The Acadia 2008 model had several traditional options to make it attractive and enhance the driving experience but still is in the list of gmc acadia years to avoid. The transmission problems cannot be avoided as they require a lot to repair, almost equal to the car’s total worth. The first year’s car price can be lower, but the repairs make it more expensive. So, one must avoid buying 2008 GMC Acadia models and spend a little extra to get a better car.

What Are The Reasons To Avoid The GMC Acadia 2012 And 2013 Models?

The primary coolant, engine failure, and gas leak issues were faced in the 2012 and 2013 Acadia models. Other related mechanical problems were also noticed in these years’ models, whose repairs were expensive. The 2012 model affected drivers within just a year and a half of purchase with issues and became an excellent headache for consumers.

Even after constant complaints, no serious steps were taken to resolve the issues. The safety of buyers was at stake because of continuous water spots, incorrect oil levels, coolant leaks, and gasket leak fluids, especially in the 2013 model. The minimum repair expense was $7,000 without guaranteeing a complete solution for the problem.

All the major engine issues after running 80,000 miles made the two Acadia models of 2012 and 2013 rank high on the list of gmc acadia years to avoid. The mechanical problem became high compared to the first-generation models, which was a significant dropback for the company.

What Are The Reasons To Avoid The GMC Acadia 2017 And 2018 Models?

A significant issue with the drive shaft separation was observed in the GMC Acadia model of 2017 and 2018. Some other issues: airbags, seat belts, and fuel pumps were also notable in many cars of the same model. No problems have been observed since 2013 in Acadia models, but again, in 2017, problems started making it to the list of gmc acadia years to avoid.

It is expected to face issues while the vehicle moves, but various mechanical malfunctions were observed in this year’s model even when the vehicle was parked. Many cases registering oil leaks and the car’s slip while parked on an inclined surface were observed in high numbers, making the model risky for purchase. 

The 2017 and 2018 models of GMC majorly reported problems related to the driveshaft and stand in the list of gmc acadia years to avoid. Nevertheless, other recalls for seat belts, airbags, tyres, the ECM, and other mechanical parts also raised concerns. Many improvements and repairs were made for a better experience, but some cars faced issues and made the GMC model unsuitable for purchase. 


The lifespan of a car entirely depends upon its use, care, and maintenance but gmc acadia years to avoid have strong drawbacks. However, if proper care and services are provided to the GMC Acadia, it will run up to 200,000 km with an average of 15,000 miles yearly for almost 13 to 14 years. So, recommended servicing should be provided to the car to avoid unwanted concerns.

The GMC Acadia collaborated with the SUV to fill the gap between the Yukon and the smaller GMC Terrain. Along with many features, some problems were also issued, which cost almost the car’s worth for repair. The models of the year 2007, 2008, 2017, and 2018 caused significant difficulties. If models of GMC Acadia of these years are avoided, it can make a great travel companion.
The GMC Acadia of the third generation is doing great in the market with its facilities and advantage of carrying 7 to 9 passengers, and all its models are out of the list of gmc acadia years to avoid. The price of the car is also under the budget, which is an excellent option for prominent families. Everyone is advised to find every detail before finalizing a car for purchase.

Is the GMC Acadia considered to be a good car?

Yes, except for a few models that caused problems. GMC Acadia is an excellent car for a big family. If the models of a few years are avoided, then GMC Acadia is also a fantastic competition for other car companies.

Which are the years except gmc acadia years to avoid safe for purchase?

The GMC Acadia models launched after 2019 are great for purchase because of their facilities and comfort. All the problems faced in previous years’ models are resolved in these years’ models.

Which is the smallest and largest GMC Acadia?

The terrain is the most miniature model of Acadia, while Yukon is the largest model, accommodating nine passengers.

What is the price of a second-hand GMC Acadia?

The range of a second-hand car depends on the years it has been used, as the old will cost $5,000, and the latest models used for just a few years will cost $26,000 for a used Acadia.

Is the exception of gmc acadia years to avoid it being a safe car?

Yes, the GMC Acadia is a safe car as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) five-star rating in 2021. The Acadia has constantly been subject to safety concerns by government and private organizations.


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