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To send professional emails from your Gmail, you can add a digital signature at the end. You can personalize your digital signature as per your requirement, although it is always recommended to keep it simple and classy. After hearing about digital signatures, people got confused about how they could create it and ended up hiring someone for this task. So you should read the entire article thoroughly to get to know how to add a signature on Gmail. 

Add Signature on Gmail Account:

The steps for adding digital signatures to your Gmail are different for the Gmail desktop web application and Gmail mobile application. Here we will discuss both of the ways:

1). Windows or Mac:

Here are the ways to add a signature on Gmail for Windows or Mac users of Gmail:

  • Open any browser on your device. The following steps are dedicated for Chrome but the steps are gonna be almost similar for every browser. 
  • After that search for the at the address field of your browser.
  • You will see a gear-shaped icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on that and then select “See all Settings” from the opened menus.
  • Open the “General” tab, and find the “Signature” section by scrolling down the screen.
  • Click on the “+ create new” and then enter your signature name there. Hit on the Create button after that.
  • Either paste it using HubSpot’s email signature generator or manually type it in the box and use basic HTML elements for formatting.
  • If you are satisfied with the design, then choose from the option when you want it to appear from “Signature Defaults”. “For New Emails Use” and “On Reply/Forward Use”, select “Signature” or “No Signature”.
  • Hit the “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

And you are done. Now your digital signature will appear at the end of your selected emails giving a professional and classy look.

2). Gmail app:

If you are an Android or iPhone user and using a dedicated Gmail app instead of its web application, then follow these steps to add Signature on Gmail:

  • Open the Gmail app on your device and click on the hamburger menu for settings.
  • Tap on the “Settings” tab.
  • Scroll down and select the “Mobile Signature” section.
  • In the blank text box, enter your signature. After finishing tap on “OK”.

Note: make sure to create a short mobile signature.

About the “Show Signature” feature

In the Settings menu, you may have seen the “show signature” feature. If you are facing the issue that your signature is not showing at the end of your email, then it is due to the “Show Signature” feature. You can turn ON or Off it as per your requirement.

Can we add an image to a Gmail signature?

Yes, you can add an image to your Gmail signature. But make sure, for mobile signature only text is allowed. Follow these steps to add an image to your signature in Gmail:

  • When you see the text area to enter the signature, click on the “Insert Image” button.
  • Tap on Upload and select the file from your device. If you already have a URL to your image, select “web address (URL)” or link into your Google Drive with the “My Drive” tab.
  • After completely satisfying your signature, click on “Save Changes”.

After performing this action, your signature will automatically embed the image.

Adding HTML signature to your Gmail 

You can opt for this guide to add html signature to your Gmail as Gmail doesn’t have an inbuilt feature for this:

  • Use Windows Notepad, Apple TextEdit, or Sublime Text to store your HTML code for signature.
  • Open that html file in your browser
  • Once your signature is displayed on the screen, select the entire signature and copy it.
  • Go to the Settings of your Gmail and then Signature. paste that copied signature there and save the changes.

That’s how you can add your HTML classy signature to your Gmail. 

Can we change a signature in Gmail?

Gmail also allows you to make changes to your existing Gmail signature. Follow these steps to edit your signature:

  • First login to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the opened drop-down list, select “See all settings”.
  • Scroll down the screen and move your cursor to the “Signature” section to edit your existing signature.
  • Edit from there and don’t forget to click on the “Save Changes” option by scrolling down the screen to the bottom.

After editing the signature, review it, and just after saving the changes you are going to see the edited signature at the bottom of your emails.

Final verdict:

Creating a classy and professional Signature on Gmail is an art, you don’t need to hire others for this task. Follow our guide and create your favorite Signature on Gmail in minutes.


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