Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer
Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer

The cleanpod uvc sterilizer has been one of the most prominent solutions since COVID to disinfect. The world has witnessed the hazards of germs and viruses to mankind for centuries. One such recent example is the Coronavirus pandemic which shook the world upside down of humans across the globe. 

Although COVID is now under control and in its dormant stage, one should be cautious and not take it lightly. It’s very important to be prepared in advance to be safe.  One such device which will be extremely helpful in killing these harmful germs and viruses is the cleanpod uvc sterilizer. So if you are also thinking about purchasing it or looking for its full capacity you are in the right place. We will get you covered with complete information on it. 

About Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer:

To protect oneself the cleanpod uvc sterilizer is a device that helps to kill harmful microscopic germs and viruses. The device claims to kill 99.9% of the germs using UVC or ultraviolet C rays. It is fully free from chemicals as the UVC steriliser is designed to kill the germs from specified LEDs. When the LED lights of the steriliser are emitted on any object it get sanitised. 

Cleanpod sterilizers are designed to provide UVC light which peaks at the germicidal length as it does not contain any mercury. This wand is very easy to carry as it’s a pocket-size sterilizer and can fit in purses and small bags. It also has a lock switch for safety measures so that it doesn’t get turned on by mistake while transporting. It’s even environmentally friendly as it uses LED lights and not chemicals to kill the germs. 

Power G. W270g
Battery Capacity2000mAh
Product size219 × 34 × 40mm
Optical power20mW
MaterialsABS + PC
UVC LED wavelength256-275nm
UVA LED Wavelength400nm
Charging TimeApproximately 2.5hrs

Features Of Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer:

The cleanpod uvc sterilizer uses UVC (ultraviolet C rays) which offers a straightforward way to keep oneself and surroundings safe and free from germs. So here are some of its amazing features:


The Cleanpod sterilizer is designed in such a manner that sanitizes objects and surroundings within thirty seconds. These are small portable devices that are free from chemicals. Cleanpod is a chargeable device and has a timer to sensitize the objects. 

Easy To Carry:

The cleanpod uvc sterilizer is usually small in size. They are very lightweight and pocket-sized devices that can easily fit in any purse or small bag. It even has a switch lock as a safety measure. So while transportation it doesn’t get turned on by mistake. 

Environmental Sustainability:

The cleanpod sterilizer provides safety not only to humans but also to the environment. It’s an environment-friendly device that helps in sensitizing objects and surfaces by using LED lights and not chemicals. However, it’s suggested to avoid direct contact with the skin or eyes. 

Provide Complete Protection:

The cleanpod sterilisers are very safe and provide complete protection. It’s engineered to sanitize objects and surfaces deeply. It’s perfect while traveling. Also, it doesn’t emit harmful radiation and is ideal for cleaning toys, mobile phones, specs, and more. 

It’s A Doodle:

Using the cleanpod uvc sterilizer is very easy and simple. Anyone can use this wand by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure the wand is fully charged before using it. 
  • After it’s charged put any object which needs to be sensitized in the cleanpod and push the power button on. The timer will be displayed on it. 
  • Once the timer is been turned off take out the senetised object and turn off the wand. Wipe the object and you will have a germ-free object.

Is Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer Effective?

The cleanpod sterilizer is a device which sensitizes the surroundings and objects using LEDs. It claims to sensitize the objects 99.9% using UVC (ultraviolet rays). The cleanpod uvc sterilizer has a wavelength that can easily detect the microorganisms’ RNA and DNA and neutralize them. 

Even after all the claims there is no proof of it doing so. Although the cleanpod sterilizer cleans the objects to some extent using ultraviolet rays (UVC). It’s not confirmed if it kills all the germs. However, it is very helpful for individuals while traveling as it neutralizes harmful germs and viruses. 

What Are The Precautions One Should Follow While Using Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer? 

Although cleanpod sterilizers are very beneficial and safe to use. Here are some of the important advice to avoid any mishaps:

  • Keep the cleanpod uvc sterilizer away from fire as it may explode. 
  • Immediately unplug the charging if you notice any deformation or if the sterilizer is extremely hot. 
  • Keep the cleanpod away from eyes or skin as it has UVC rays which is very harmful for humans and animals. 
  • To avoid any short circuit never use the wand in humid places like bathrooms. 
  • Always keep it away from children’s reach. 

True Reviews From Customers:

As per customers, the cleanpod comes in average packaging with a USB-C charger, a pouch to carry the wand, a manual, and a wrist lanyard. The manual contains all the necessary information including its use, some warnings, and other explanations. 

The cleanpod uvc sterilizer claims to kill 99.9% of germs if it’s used properly. However, according to customers, it’s not true. It depletes the presence of viruses and germs to some extent but not completely. 


In this world full of harmful germs and viruses it’s very important to be careful and safe, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic. The Cleanpod UVC sterilizer is a very useful device to keep you and your family safe by sanitizing the surroundings and objects. 

It’s perfect for sanitizing smartphones, keys, earnings, specs, keyboards, and more. It’s ideal to be used in any place including hospitals, schools, offices, and homes. The cleanpod uvc sterilizer is one of the most affordable and easy solutions to make yourself and your loved ones feel a bit safer in this covid period. 

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